Mission Dolores Park

Opened to the public January 27th, 2016


For nearly a century San Franciscans have enjoyed the 13.7 acres of recreational opportunities provided by Mission Dolores Park. To help keep up with the use of the park and make much-needed infrastructure improvements, over 71 % of San Francisco voters approved the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, a $185 million general obligation bond that includes $13.2 million to improve Mission Dolores Park; the total renovation budget was $20.6 million.

The well-loved amenities of Dolores Park were in need of significant renovation. From mostly invisible infrastructure such as irrigation and drainage improvements to the more apparent needs for improved tennis courts and pathways, across the board there are improvement needs. Some of the changes have a direct impact on how we use the park, while other improvements support our maintenance staff to enable them to maintain the park more efficiently and effectively.

Scope of Work

Improvements to the park focused on facilities, sports areas, and the general infrastructure. These included:

  • Improved 18th Street Entrance
  • Improved Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Access
  • Improved designated Off-Leash Dog Play Areas (2)
  • Improved Irrigation
  • New Bike Racks
  • New Multi-use Court
  • New Overlook in the Southwest corner
  • New Pathways
  • New Restrooms with expanded capacity
  • Renovated Tennis and Basketball Courts

Print a 1-page summary and concept design map of the project (PDF).

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