Free Tennis and Pickleball Court Reservations

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What Courts Can Be Reserved?

A directory of all tennis and pickleball courts including which courts are reservable and which are first-come, first-serve is available here.

All reservable tennis courts are listed on our Reservable Tennis Courts page.

All reservable pickleball courts are listed on our Reservable Pickleball Courts page. For further information about where to play pickleball, go to our Pickleball page.

To search availability of all reservable tennis and pickleball courts, go to our Tennis and Pickleball Reservations page.  

How Can Reservations Be Made?

Go to our Tennis and Pickleball Reservations page

Here are the steps to make a reservation:

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When Can Courts Be Reserved?

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 8 am seven calendar days prior to the date you are interested in booking except that the following courts can be reserved 2 days in advance at 12 noon.

Courts That Can Be Reserved 2 Days Prior
-- All Other Courts Can Be Reserved One Week Prior

  • Alice Marble Court #4 (1 hour)
  • Balboa Park Court #4 (1 hour)
  • Crocker Amazon Court #3 (1 hour)
  • Dolores Park Court #3 (1 hour)
  • DuPont Court #4 (1 hour)
  • Fulton (single)
  • Hamilton Court #2
  • Jackson (single)
  • J.P. Murphy Court #3
  • Lafayette Park Court #1 (1 hour)
  • Larsen (single)

  • McLaren Park Court #5
  • McLaren Park Court #6
  • Minnie & Lovie Ward Court #2
  • Miraloma Park (single)
  • Moscone Rec Court #4 (1 hour)
  • Mountain Lake Court #4 (1 hour)
  • Parkside Square Court #4 (1 hour)
  • Potrero Hill Rec Court #2
  • Richmond tennis (single) and pickleball court A
  • Upper Noe (single)


What Can You Reserve?

Any individual may reserve a court, but may not book more than 1 court in a day or 3 courts in a calendar week.

How Can Reservations Be Used?

Reservation requests are for individual play only. No lessons, team practices, clinics or league matches.

What does it Cost?



Please remember to check in for your reservation at your reserved court no earlier than 15 minutes prior to or no later than 15 minutes after your reserved time slot. THIS MUST BE DONE ON SITE. If you do not check in, your account reservation privileges may be suspended. Alternatively, you may cancel prior to the start time of your booking. Instructions on how to check in or cancel your reservation are available in our How-To Slideshow. 


You may cancel your reservation online in advance of the reservation time. Courts left vacant 15 minutes after reservation time are available for walk-up play. Individuals found to have reserved and not used their time may have their account suspended.

Proof of Reservation:

You will receive an email with a link to your permit.  You must have a printed or electronic copy of the reservation confirmation with you on the day of your reservation in order to use the court. The first and last name on your permit must match a valid form of identification.

Terms & Conditions

You must have a printed or electronic copy of the reservation confirmation with you on the day of your reservation in order to use the court.

  • Reservation is for the exact times listed and is intended for tennis except for pickleball at Buena Vista, Presidio Wall Playground, Richmond Playground, Rossi Park, and Upper Noe Rec. Permittee may not book more than 1 court in a day or 3 courts in a calendar week. No extra time will be given outside the reservation time. In case of emergency or issues regarding locked courts or disruptive behavior, please call Park Rangers at (415) 242-6390. In case of general emergency, please call 911.
  • Liability for Use: The Reservation Holder agrees to reimburse any person (including the Department) who sustains property damage, such as broken windows, for the cost of that damage, where such damage occurs on public or private property when such damage is caused by the use of this facility. In addition to the Reservation Holder, the person who is representing the Reservation Holder agrees to be personally liable.
  • No Assignment or Transferring: This reservation may not be assigned or transferred. Violations of any of the above conditions will result in depriving the Reservation Holder of further use of facilities.
  • No lessons, team practices, clinics or league matches. Permit may not be used to teach any sort of lesson even if no fee is being collected.
  • Prohibited Items/Activities: Alcohol, gambling, BBQ/cooking, quarreling, profane language, smoking, sales of food/drinks/merchandise, food or drinks on athletic courts, dogs, bicycles, metal cleats, motorcycles, skateboards, rollerblades, sharp objects, chewing gum, and sunflower seeds. Paid lessons and clinics are not allowed.
  • Cleanup: You are responsible for cleaning up all litter left on the court during your reserved time and taking your trash home with you of Department property. Failure to leave court litter-free may result in loss of future reservation privileges. If a previous user left garbage on the court, please let us know by calling 311.
  • No-Show Policy: If permit holder does not show up within 15 minutes after reservation start time, reservation is forfeited and voided.
  • Violations of any of the above conditions will result in depriving the Reservation Holder of further use of facilities and/or subject the Reservation Holder to fines via citations.

For all walk-up courts, tennis court rules are as follows:

Court Etiquette

  • Players must wear tennis shoes at all times.
  • Playground tennis courts are for tennis players only, unless designated as a multipurpose area.
  • No more than two balls are to be used on any court at one time.
  • Players must adhere to a first come first serve rule.
  • There is to be no rallying behind courts when play is in progress.

Waiting at Courtside

  • Players must wait their turn at only one court and must be physically present while doing so.
  • A verbal request that a person is waiting for a particular court shall be made to those who are playing and/or waiting on desired court.

Allotted Time for Play

  • A maximum of five minutes shall be allowed for warmup.
  • Doubles play or singles play is limited to one set only.
  • Rallying in lieu of a set is limited to thirty minutes.

Relinquishing the Court

  • When people arrive at courtside and are waiting to play, those players, doubles or singles, presently playing must relinquish the court at the completion of the set in progress.
  • Doubles must be played: When two or more people are waiting. When four people enter the court at the same time.

Classes and/or Tournaments

  • All tennis classes and/or tournaments must be authorized by the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department.
  • Classes and/or tournaments take precedence on the courts at all times.
  • Excluding the recreation director of the playground, any person in charge of a class and/or tournament must show written authorization before taking control of any court.

Backboard Play

  • Backboard play is limited to twenty minutes when others are waiting.
  • Backboards shall not be used for strike out play.

Law and Rule Infractions

  • No dogs, skateboards, roller skating or bicycles allowed.
  • Park code: article 3, section 3.08 prohibits tennis instruction on a public tennis court without first obtaining a permit.
  • Any dispute in the interpretation of these rules shall be settled by the recreation director of the playground.
  • Infractions of the rules can and may cause dismissal from the court or courts.

A single player may not use or hold a court when two or more players are waiting to play.

A single player may wait for a court, however, when a court becomes available and if the player’s partner(s) is not present, that court shall go to the next single or doubles players immediately & without delay

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