Bernal Heights Trails Improvement Project

Bernal Heights Park TrailBernal Heights provides visitors with stunning 360-degree views of the city and surrounding Bay Area. A network of trails winds around the hill through the native grasslands and provides access to the top. The Bernal Heights Trail is in poor condition with poorly defined entries, eroded stairways, redundant social trails that contribute to erosion and loss of sensitive habitat, and the trail system lacks trail identification and wayfinding signage.

For a more extensive description, visit the Natural Areas Page.

Scope of Work

The Bernal Heights Trail Restoration project improved and repaired existing trails and steps, eliminated social trails, provided erosion control measures, restored native plants and provided trail identification and wayfinding.

Funding Source

The Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project was funded by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.

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  1. Capital Project Update
  2. Capital Project Update

    Bernal Heights Trail Construction Nearing Completion!

    Construction work on the Bernal Trails Project is ongoing and nearing completion. Read on...
  3. Capital Project Update


    Trail improvements southern trail (across from Ellsworth Street) have been completed with new box steps and seeding Read on...
  4. Capital Project Update


    Restoration and construction work will occur in segments throughout Bernal Heights Park from September 2019 through early 2020. Read on...
  5. Capital Project Update


    Construction crews have removed loose debris from the park road from Bernal Heights Boulevard to the Folsom Street entrance Read on...
  1. Monica Scott

    Project Manager
    Phone: 1-628-652-6632