Minnie & Lovie Ward Recreation Center Fields

Completed and Opened to the Public! 

BackgroundMinnie Lovie Recreation Center Fields

The completed renovations more than doubled the amount of play on the field, increasing soccer field and baseball/softball diamond play by several thousands of hours each year.

Prior to renovation, the fields at Minnie Lovie Recreation Center were in poor condition. They suffered from an antiquated irrigation system, garbage dumping, busy gophers, and insufficient gardening staff. 

The project made improvements to both field and general park use:

Scope of Work

Field Renovations

  • Grade field and replace the natural grass playing field with a synthetic turf field
  • Installation of new storm drainage infrastructure below the synthetic turf
  • Install 12 field lights for evening play. 2 at 60 feet, 4 at 70 feet and 6 at 80 feet
  • Maintain the two ball diamonds in their current configuration. The both infields will utilize synthetic turf with the exception of the verify field which will have a clay pitchers mound
  • Line ground sport fields for: 
    • Football yard markers
    • Men’s and women’s lacrosse
    • Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
  • Replace rusted baseball/softball backstops and baseball dugout areas
  • Install new perimeter fencing around three sides of the field at an average height of 16 feet

General Park Renovations

  • Replace rusting fences to east, west, and south with new black vinyl fencing
  • Replace bleacher seating behind baseball/ softball diamonds
  • Remove cargo container at the western park entrance
  • Modify the existing retaining wall in north-east field corner to help retain hillside soil
  • Install new:
    • Benches
    • Bike racks
    • Drinking fountains
    • Recycling cans
    • Trash
  • Upgrade the irrigation and planting at primary entries and along the southern hillside
  • Refurbish the perimeter pedestrian walkway around the field
  • Improve any infrastructure to comply with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements

Get Out and Play!

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