Beach Chalet Fields

Open to the public December 22, 2015!

BackgroundBeach Chalet Fields

For a park feature that is largely used by children, the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields lacked basic youth and family friendly amenities and are in need of repair and renovation. Built more than 75 years ago, the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields had last been renovated in 1998. The fields were unsafe and in poor condition due to heavy use, abundant gopher holes and seasonal, wet conditions.

By renovating the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields with synthetic turf and lights, the amount of playtime available on these fields will triple from 4,738 hours per year to 14,320 hours per year - that's 9,582 hours of additional playtime annually. 

Scope of Work

The area of renovation is approximately 482,700 square feet and will take place within the approximate footprint as the existing soccer fields. The project replaced synthetic turf; installed field lights; installed a pathway to, from and around the fields; improved the parking lot safety and circulation; rehabilitated the restroom; and added a spectator viewing plaza to provide better spectator and player seating. The project also included the addition of a maintenance shed to replace the cargo container, a small play structure, BBQ picnic space, and new landscape and tree plantings.


The Recreation and Park Department received a generous in-kind donation from the City Fields Foundation in the amount of $6 million dollars. The City is also contributing approximately $6.2 million dollars towards this project form 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond funds.

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