Noe Valley Town Square Restroom Project


Noe Valley Town Square (NVTS) is located at 3861 24th Street (between Sanchez and Vicksburg Streets) on the 24th Street commercial corridor. The site is .25 acres and is surrounded by a mix of retail shops and services, restaurants, and multi-family and single-family residences. The property was purchased by RPD in June 2013 and the concept design was approved by the Recreation and Park Commission in 2014. The proposal to establish a public open space at the site evolved through more than four years of collaboration between the Department the community group Residents for Noe Valley Town Square, then-Supervisor Scott Wiener’s office, and the San Francisco Parks Alliance. NVTS opened to the public in October 2016.

The approved 2014 concept plan contemplated a public restroom in the northeast corner of the plaza. Due to funding constraints at that time, the restroom element was removed from the project. Since then, the Department allocated funds in the FY 21-22 budget for project planning including evaluating the viability of a modular restroom at the site and preparing cost estimates for project funding. Before that work began, the Noe Valley community successfully advocated for State funds for the project. Their ask was based on a high-level budget estimate for a custom-built restroom at the site.   

In November 2022, the Department was approached by Vaughan Buckley with Volumetric Building Companies and Chad Kaufman with Public Restroom Company, who expressed interest in contributing a prefabricated modular restroom to Noe Valley Town Square.    

In addition, RPD will hire an as-needed landscape design firm to supplement the donor’s design drawing package. These drawings will include all work associated with site improvements. These plans include demolition, grading, paving, fencing, irrigation and landscape. RPD drawings will include the donor drawings which detail the restroom building and all associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing work. 

The addition of a restroom to Noe Valley Town Square has been approved by the Planning Department and found to be consistent with the project’s categorical exemption under CEQA. The Civic Design Committee has determined that this project would be reviewed under their administrative process. The Recreation and Park Commission approved the acceptable of the restroom and site improvement gift in February 2023 and the Board of Supervisors will review the gift acceptance in March 2023.

Scope of Work

The addition of a modular single-user all-gender accessible restroom at Noe Valley Town Square, site improvements, landscaping, and beautification. 


  • In-kind Grant Funding
  • City Funding
  • State Grant (pending)

Project Schedule

PlanningJanuary - March 2023
DesignApril - May 2023
Bid/AwardJune - July 2023
Construction beginsFebruary 2024
Open to the publicSpring 2024

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    Noe Valley Town Square Restroom | Project update January 2024

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  1. Eoanna Harrison Goodwin

    Project Manager