Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Project

Twin Peaks Figure 8Project Information

This planning effort will evaluate design options for the portion of the Twin Peaks roadway adjacent to and between the two peaks and the Christmas Tree point parking entrance. The objectives are to create safer connections to Twin Peaks Trail System, improve pedestrian and bicycle access, and provide a defined connection to the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Existing conditions

  • Under-used roadway capacity
  • Limited access for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Confusing design at the intersections
  • No clear connection to trails
  • Insufficient protection for sensitive habitats
  • Opportunity for Collaboration between city agencies

Project Objectives

  • Reallocate a portion of the existing roadway from vehicle use to pedestrian and bicycle use
  • Determine the best location and orientation of pedestrian crossings to link with the trail sections
  • Recommend realignment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail to cross over Twin Peaks Blvd
  • Identify opportunities to improve bicycle and pedestrian access

Project Funding

Funding for the Twin Peaks Figure 8 redesign is provided by a Priority Conservation Area grant, Proposition K Transportation Improvement funds, and the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.

Circulation Study Partners

Key Documents

Monthly Capital Reports

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