Lafayette Park Lighting Improvements

Existing Bollard Lights 2 lafayette parkScope of Work

The Lafayette Park Lighting Improvement Project will add lighting to the major East-West and North-South walking paths throughout the park to improve safety. Lights of the same style are already located in the park near the playground and dog play area. The lights will be on the same timer as the existing lights and turn off at 11pm.

Project Schedule

PlanningSpring 2019
DesignFall 2019
ConstructionSummer 2022
Open to the publicSpring 2023

Project Updates

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  1. Capital Project Update

    Lafayette Park Lighting Improvements Update | March 2023

    All foundation work is now completed! The last light pole foundations Read on...
  2. Capital Project Update

    Lafayette Park Lighting Improvements Update- 12/22/22

    Much has happened in the park these past two months! . . . Read on...
  3. Capital Project Update

    Lafayette Park Lighting Improvements Update- 10/05/22

    Construction will start this Fall 2023 through Early 2023 (target mid October -mid February). . . Read on...
  4. Capital Project Update

    Lafayette Park Lighting Improvements Update- 07/29/22

    The construction contract has been awarded! Read on...
  5. Capital Project Update

    Project Update- JAN 2020

    The Rec and Park project manager is working with colleagues in various divisions and with the Friends of Lafayette Park to finalize the scope of lighting improvements Read on...
  6. Capital Project Update

    Additional Lighting Planned

    Thanks to those who attended our open house on Thursday, October 3, where we reviewed plans to add lighting per request from the Friends of Lafayette Park. Read on...
  7. Capital Project Update

    Project Open House

    Join us for an informal open house at Lafayette Park on Thursday, October 3 to discuss plans to add lighting for the park Read on...
  1. Marien Coss

    Project Manager