Mission Playground

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Project Background

Mission Playground is a focal point in the Mission District, as it features the only public outdoor pool in San Francisco. We are thrilled to soon be giving the community a newly renovated Mission Playground that will provide the full amenities this colorful neighborhood needs.

Having dug deep into the opinions and desires of local park users and community members, we are in the midst of a $7.5 million renovation that focuses on preserving and enhancing the diversity of park activities, aesthetic appeal, comfort and sociability, and park safety.

Clubhouse users will enjoy the increased natural lighting and general upgrades to the building's infrastructure; children and families will love our newly upgraded play area and water play feature, and sports enthusiasts will appreciate the newly resurfaced athletic courts and synthetic turf fields. Everyone will benefit from improvements to the sites: 

  • The addition of more shade and seating
  • Lighting and irrigation systems
  • The new artist designed fence panels enhancing the park entry
  • Overall landscape improvements
  • Park accessibility
  • Pathways

Upon completion, Mission Playground will rightfully take its place among the best of San Francisco's parks.

A Park Ready for a Makeover

Mission Playground, surrounded mostly by family housing, boasts nearly 100,000 square feet of park space. Located off of 19th and Linda streets and bordering on Valencia Street in the Mission District, the park features: 

  • A clubhouse
  • Open lawn areas
  • Outdoor pool with lockers
  • Playground
  • Soccer field
  • Tennis and basketball courts

We can't wait to upgrade this unique San Francisco facility!