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3410 Apprentice Gardener 

(Permanent Civil Service test - also must enroll and complete City College's Horticulture program along with 3,000 hours of training)

Current Job Announcement (posted 4/16/21)


1.   ***Meet admission and eligibility requirements for enrollment at City College of San Francisco as follows:

a.)  You must be eighteen (18) years old on or before the first day of instruction for the term which you are applying. or
b.)  You are a high school graduate; or
c.)  You are the equivalent of a high school graduate, i.e., you have passed GED or a state's high school proficiency examination;

Please visit the link for City College of San Francisco's admission policy:;


2.    Possession of a valid California (Class C) driver's license (Copy of a driver's license must be submitted with application)

***NOTE:  If selected for this program, participants will be registered with City College of San Francisco and enrolled in OH 50 Introduction to Environmental Horticulture. 


The stated desirable qualifications may be used to identify job finalists at the end of the selection process when candidates are referred for hiring.
§  Six (6) months (1,040 hours) of verifiable experience in the care and maintenance of landscaped general ground areas or as a journey level tradesperson in construction or industrial field;
§  A good driving record (An applicant will be considered a negligent driver and he/she may be disqualified if the driving record shows:  6 or more violation points in the last 12 months; 8 or more violation points in the last 24 months; or 10 or more violation points in the last 36 months.  The months will be calculated from the date the report was requested.)
§  Verifiable experience in a physically-demanding position (e.g., gardening assistant, laborer, etc.);
§  Ability to safely and correctly lift, drag and/or move with assistance large and/or heavy plants and equipment to truck bed level, and the ability to kneel, bend and squat for considerable periods of time. (The probationary period will be used to evaluate this qualification.);
§  New or continuing student status at City College of San Francisco.


The nature of the work may require exposure to inclement weather conditions and may require exposure to hazardous conditions and/or materials which may include feces and/or urine, used syringes, etc.  Some positions require safe driving of large trucks or vans.  Some positions may require riding mowers and driving small utility vehicles. Some positions may require heavy lifting up to 50 lbs. Some positions may require weekend or shift work.
Rate as of July 1, 2020 - $20.23

For more information, please email either or