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The Partnerships Division seeks to create partnerships with individuals, community groups, foundations, and corporate sponsors to support parks and recreational programming. The Division assists private sector partners in supporting projects that make parks and recreational programs better for all. For more information about partnering with RPD, email


Because parks and recreational opportunities are important.  Clean, safe, and accessible parks and playgrounds are crucial factors in the quality of life for adults and children.  Research underscores that parks, playgrounds, trails, and open spaces help keep people fit, healthy, and connected to their community.

Because you are important.  In order for San Francisco to remain one of the best park systems in the county, we seek to partner with groups that can bring creativity, knowledge of community needs and funding to all our parks.


Examples of Potential Project Ideas

  • Playground Renovations
  • Landscape Improvements
  • Lighting Improvements
  • Master Plan Development
  • Field Renovations
  • Recreation Center Upgrades

Things to Consider

  • Does your idea further the Recreation and Park Department’s Mission?
  • Does it solve a park problem?
  • Does your idea have support from neighbors, the community, and park users across the city?
  • Do you have a plan and a budget for your idea?
  • Are you committed to spending time and energy on working with us to develop your idea?
  • Are you committed to raising funds to complete the project?
  • Do you have the organizational and administrative capacity for this project?

Common Steps

Every park is unique. Every project is unique. Depending on the scope of the project, the process will vary, but the following steps usually apply.

  • Develop and refine idea with the help of Partnerships Division staff who can seek input from Rec Park staff across the Department
  • Develop conceptual plan and project agreement
  • Plan and schedule community meetings and seek input from park users
  • Determine required City reviews, such as Rec Park, Mayor’s Office of Disability and City Planning Department
  • Present and seek project approval from Recreation and Park Commission, and if applicable, from other city agencies and Board of Supervisors
  • Raise funds for the project
  • Build the project
  • Provide ongoing stewardship of the project

How do I get started?

Project ideas are first reviewed by Rec Park Partnership staff. Please send your idea and any supporting documents to