Access and Safety Program Proposal

Based on the work of a Golden Gate Park Stakeholder Working Group, led by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, we propose the following in order to improve access, equity, and mobility. Visit our accompanying info page to learn about our public outreach process and data analysis.

Keep Bay to Beach streets car-free in Golden Gate Park

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Three miles of car-free streets from Lincoln to Kezar in Golden Gate Park

  • Retains 83% of parking spaces in Golden Gate Park
  • Retains 80% of roadways for driving
  • Access allowed for emergency vehicles, Muni, paratransit, de Young deliveries, and park vehicles

Connect equity priority communities to Golden Gate Park

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  • Expanded programming in GGP for equity priority communities
  • Expansion of Junior Guides/ Community Shuttle initiative
  • SFMTA 29 Sunset Improvement Project starting Spring 2022
  • Restore 21 Hayes service to Stanyan Street in Summer 2022
  • Music Concourse garage flexible pricing to reduce parking prices and Museums for All extension to parking
  • Improve transportation options and choices for outer neighborhoods
  • Welcome residents from equity priority communities to park by partnering with local serving community organizations to:
  • Provides free transportation to and from park
  • Includes guided tours, free admission to museums and attractions
  • Continued free admission for return visit to GGP institutions

Improve access for people with disabilities and older adults

  • Immediate fixes to park shuttle operations and routing, including more service, every day
  • Focusing on shuttle information (at stops and digitally) as well as shuttle stop improvements such as benches, clear signage, improved path of travel
  • Improved ADA parking and loading at the new Bandshell lot, under construction
  • Communicating the free 15-minute drop-off and loading in the Music Concourse garage, and removed vehicle restrictions for pickup and drop-off right in front of de Young and Cal Academy
  • Continued to allow Paratransit to run on all streets with private vehicle restrictions
  • Re-purposed multi-use pavement space behind the Music Concourse Bandshell for major capital improvement - 20 new ADA compliant blue zone spaces
  • Construction includes surface re-grading, curb ramps and path of travel upgrades
  • Closer average distance from parking lot to entry gate/ door for key institutions

Accessibility Commitments

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Ensure great choices for everyone

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  • Transportation engineering improvements to separate faster moving bikes from slower, shared street spaces
  • Retain driving access from the Richmond, and to Sunset Boulevard and Polo Field parking
  • Remove restrictions on vehicle access to the Music Concourse to allow everyone easy drop-off and pick-up
  • Improve driving directions with map providers and install better navigation signage
  • Develop programs that support new and fun ways to get around, like bikeshare stations, pedicabs or adaptive bikeshare systems
  • Improve awareness of transportation options for people who work in or visit the park
  • Restore direct southbound traffic access to Sunset Blvd to reduce traffic congestion on Chain of Lakes
  • Create separated promenade space on Middle Drive and create legible circulation to Polo Fields parking lot
  • Direct access from 10th Avenue and the garage for access to the Bandshell Lot and other parking spaces in Golden Gate Park
  • Direct access to the Music Concourse loading zones from 9th Avenue at MLK or 10th Avenue at Fulton
  • 800 available spaces can be better managed for pricing, information and availability

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jfk timeline

The Golden Gate Park Safety and Access Program proposal will be presented Thursday, March 10, 2022, at a joint informational hearing of the Recreation and Park Commission and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which will ultimately decide the road’s future is expected to vote on the proposal as soon as April 2022.