Golden Gate Park Access & Safety Program

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A car-free route along a portion of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park has existed since 1967, when street closures began every Sunday, on many Saturdays and during holidays and special events, allowing park visitors of all ages and abilities to use the roadway free of car traffic. In 2020, as the city grappled with the COVID pandemic, this portion of JFK, along with other roads in the park, were closed to vehicle traffic seven days a week.

The Golden Gate Park Access & Safety Program is a collaboration between the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the SF Recreation and Park Department (RPD). This program proposes updates to the current car-free route that can deter cut-through traffic, improve traffic safety, enhance the park experience, and increase park access – especially for those with high barriers to access. 

The program will consider a broad range of proposals to improve access, equity, and mobility in the park. A program proposal will go to the Board of Supervisors in Winter of 2021/22, that will be informed by staff technical analysis and input gathered through the public outreach process.

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did you know

Did you know?

+ Almost 7 million visits have been made to the JFK portion of the car-free route since the closure, that's 36% more daily park visits than before the closure

+ 93.4% of the regular weekday parking within the park is still available

+ Before becoming car-free, 75% of westbound vehicle trips on JFK were to get somewhere else in the City, not to reach a park destination

+ No traffic collisions resulting in injury on the JFK portion of the car-free route

+ JFK Drive is only 9.6% of the roadways in the park

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Be kind, say hello, ride slow on the JFK Promenade

You might see some new signs on the JFK Promenade! These signs are a reminder to be safe, say hello, ride slow, and to enjoy this shared space! Read more about our campaign with SFMTA to keep the JFK Promenade fun, safe, and accessible for all.

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