Driving Around the Closure

Where is the car-free route?

The car-free route runs from Stanyan Street at the east end of the park to Ocean Beach and the Great Highway at the west end. The east end of the route includes portions of JFK Drive and Conservatory Drive; the west end of the route includes Overlook Drive, Middle Drive and portions of MLK Drive.

Is the route completely car-free?

No, there are spots along the route that intersect with regular park traffic or share the road with vehicles:

  • A portion of the route on Transverse Drive, between JFK Drive and Overlook Drive
  • A portion of the Metson/Middle Drive/MLK Drive loop near the south end of the Polo Field
  • The intersection at MLK Drive and Chain of Lakes Drive/41st Avenue 
  • A portion of MLK Drive near Lincoln Way
  • The section of Nancy Pelosi Drive before JFK Drive 
  • Authorized vehicles, including park maintenance vehicles, park ranger vehicles, and other city department vehicles, will also be using the roads along the route.

Streets Open to Cars:GGP Roads_streets open to cars-02

Accessible Parking Map: 

GGP Disable Parking Spaces_Slow Streets_2021_0930 new colors-02

For more information and resources, visit our Accessibility Questions page.

Can I still drive through the park?

Yes, traveling through the park from the north or south, drivers can use Transverse Drive, Chain of Lakes Drive, and 25th Ave/Crossover Drive/19th Ave/Park Presidio, as usual.

Some east- and westbound roads will be impacted. The following road restrictions will be in effect during the road closure:

  • The west portion of MLK Drive, from the Metson/Middle Drive/MLK loop to Lincoln Way, is closed to regular traffic. This includes Bernice Rodgers Way, between MLK Drive and JFK Drive.
  • Overlook Drive and Middle Drive, between Transverse Drive and the Metson/Middle Drive/MLK loop, will be closed to traffic.
  • JFK Drive, between Kezar Drive and Transverse Drive, will remain closed to traffic. This portion of the road had previously been closed during the City’s initial COVID-19 response.
  • The entrance at 8th Avenue and Fulton near JFK Drive and the Music Concourse is closed to vehicular traffic.

How do I drive to my favorite spots in the park?

Getting to the museums, Japanese Tea Garden and Music Concourse

From the north:
John F. Kennedy Drive is currently closed to vehicular traffic from Kezar Drive to Transverse Drive. Paid parking is available in the Music Concourse garage as of September 21, 2020, which may be accessed from the Fulton Street and 10th Avenue entrance. 

From the south:
The Music Concourse Garage can be accessed via Music Concourse Drive, off of MLK Drive near 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way. There is also street parking along MLK Drive and adjacent streets.

Visit the Getting to the Music Concourse  page for more information. 

Getting to Stow Lake Boathouse

From the north:
Enter the park at 25th Avenue and Fulton. Stay to the right and take Transverse Drive. Stay on Transverse through the park. Turn left onto MLK Drive, crossing the traffic-light-controlled intersection at Crossover Drive. Turn left onto Stow Lake Drive.

From the south:
Stow Lake Drive can be accessed from MLK Drive. Enter the park at either A) 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way, turning right onto MLK Drive, and left onto Stow Lake Drive; or B) 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way, staying on MLK Drive and turning right onto Stow Lake Drive.

Getting to the Polo Field

From the north:
Street parking is available along JFK Drive, near the north side of the Polo Field. Enter the park from 30th Avenue/Fulton, 36th Avenue/Fulton or 43rd Avenue/Chain of Lakes Drive/Fulton to JFK Drive. The south Polo Field parking lot is accessible by entering the park at 25th Avenue and Fulton. Stay right to Transverse Drive. Turn right onto MLK Drive going west. At the fork in the road, stay right onto Metson Road. The Polo Field will be on the right.

From the south:
A) Enter the park at Sunset Boulevard. Make a right onto MLK Drive. Make a sharp left at Metson Road. The south Polo Field parking lot will be on the right. B) Enter the park at 25th Avenue and Lincoln Way. Make a left at MLK Drive. At the fork in the road, stay right onto Metson Road. The Polo Field will be on the right.


Getting to the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields


From the north:
Enter the park at 47st Avenue and Fulton. Make a slight left onto JFK Drive. The soccer fields will be on the right.

From the south:
Enter the park at 41st Avenue and Lincoln Way to Chain of Lakes Drive, across MLK Drive. Turn left at JFK Drive. JFK Drive will turn slightly right. The soccer fields will be on the left.

I have questions about the route. Who can I contact?

If you have questions about the route, please email RPDinfo@sfgov.org. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Park Ranger Dispatch at (415) 242-6390.