Alvord Lake Bridge Repair Project

Completed April 2019!

DescriptionAlvord Lake Bridge

Alvord Bridge, in the eastern end of Golden Gate Park, was built in 1889 by the pioneering engineer Ernest L. Ransome, and is believed to be the oldest concrete bridge in the U.S. that used steel reinforcing to improve the behavior of the concrete. For this reason, the bridge was designated as a National Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1970. The feature is not a local landmark but is a contributing feature in the GGP National Register of Historic Places. The bridge and its four curving abutment walls are constructed of formed concrete. The abutment walls are cracked and displaced by lateral pressure from soil and tree roots.

Scope of Work

The Alvord Lake Bridge Repair Project includes the concrete restoration of this historic reinforced concrete bridge, including concrete general cleaning, crack and spall repairs.

Funding Source

Funding comes from the Recreation and Parks Department General Fund and Open Space Fund.