Explore Our Open Spaces

California is poised for an incredible superbloom this spring! Check out our list of wildflowers that are in bloom, as well as our parks where you can find them below! 

When exploring our natural areas, be sure to remain on designated paths. Our natural areas are sensitive habitats that are home to a diverse array of animals, insects, and plants that rely on their environment remaining undisturbed. Enjoy the wildflowers from a distance and do not pick any. 

NRD_Mount Davidson Native Plant and Natural History Walk_43

Natural areas to see San Francisco’s super bloom:  

  • Balboa Natural Area
  • Bernal Hill
  • Corona Heights 
  • Duncan Castro
  • Glen Canyon 
  • Grandview
  • John McLaren Park Visitacion Valley Grasslands (Mansell and Visitacion Ave)
  • Mount Davidson
  • Tank Hill
  • Twin Peaks North 

 NRD_Mount Davidson Native Plant and Natural History Walk_36

What will be in bloom:

  • Blue eyed grass
  • California buttercup
  • California coastal poppy
  • California huckleberry
  • California lilac
  • California Rose
  • Checker bloom
  • Coast buckwheat 
  • Coast rock cress
  • Cobweb thistle 
  • Cow parsnip
  • Douglas iris
  • Elegant brodiaea
  • Footsteps of spring
  • Franciscan wallflower
  • Goldenfields
  • Johnny jump up 
  • Lizardtail 
  • Long petaled iris
  • Milkmaids
  • Monkey flower
  • Pearly everlasting 
  • Pink flowering currant 
  • Salmonberry
  • Shooting stars
  • Silver lupine
  • Soap plant
  • Thimbleberry 
  • Varied lupine 
  • Western columbine
  • Wild cucumber
  • Yarrow 
  • Yellow bush lupine
  • Yellow pansy