Urban Wildlife

SFRPD partnered with San Francisco Animal Care and Control, and Project Coyote to host special educational events to help the City’s residents living with coyotes. At these events, residents learn about coyote biology, their behavior, and the beneficial role coyotes play in our urban ecosystems.The goals of the partnerships are to explain the reason why lethal coyote control does not work, and the common causes of negative encounters and how residents can avoid them. More about Project Coyote, please visit http://projectcoyote.org/

Red-Tailed Hawks
During the fall of 2011, SFRPD partnered with Wild Rescue to search and rescue an injured red-tailed hawk. The bird was captured and nurtured under the care of Wild Rescue. When the bird recovered, it was released at SFRPD’s Botanical Garden. Since then the bird has been seen around Golden Gate Park.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Butterflies and other insects