Community Opportunity Fund (2020 Bond)

Hilltop Skatepark OpeningThank you, neighborhood park advocates, for your continued support of the Community Opportunity Fund program, which is in its third Bond cycle. We are updating the process for the next application cycle, Round 6, and will have more information on those changes in 2024. Please check back for updates.

What is the Community Opportunity Fund (COF)?

COF is a citywide program that provides an opportunity for neighborhoods, community groups, park advocates and partners to nominate capital projects for funding. 

Park users know how to make their parks better and we want to help you make change happen. The COF promotes community stewardship, enhances park identity and experience, and leverages resources from the community.

Established in 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, to date the COF has improved 35 city parks, utilizing $5 million from the 2008 Clean and Safe Parks Bond (COF Rounds 1,2,3) and $12 million from 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (COF Rounds 4 and 5), and an additional $13.7 million in philanthropic investment, in-kind donations, and sweat equity.

What are the COF's Goals?

The COF has three main policy goals:

1. Foster community stewardship and improve park partnerships: By listening to the park needs of San Francisco residents and enhancing park experience based on those needs, the program increases the number of park users of all ages committed to civic investment and a sense of community. The program improves partnerships between Recreation and Park Department and community organizations by streamlining the park capital improvements process and clearly outlining the roles and responsibilities for City staff and community partners.

2. Enhance park identity and experience: The program creates well-designed and efficiently constructed park features to enable the city to continue providing a diverse set of safe, clean, sustainable, and high-quality park experience.

3. Leverage additional resources from the community: All contributions, such as volunteer hours, monetary and in-kind donations, expand park funding beyond the $6 million provided by the 2020 Bond.

Completed Projects:

For list of project awards approved by the Recreation and Park Commission, please visit:

Some completed COF projects include:

Project Updates

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