GGP - Chinese Pavilion at Stow Lake Picnic Site


Recent incidents suggest that a coyote in this area is protecting its den. Coyotes may become more assertive during pup rearing season (April – August) towards humans and other animals.


KEEP DOGS OUT OF THIS AREA.  Dogs, whether on a leash or not, may be perceived as a threat – especially during pup rearing season. Failure to adhere to this warning is a violation of Park Code Section 5.08 (Disturbing Wildlife). 


Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep the park safe for people, pets and wildlife. For animal emergencies, contact Animal Care & Control (415) 554-9400.

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Park Picnic Area Information

A colorful Chinese pagoda presented to San Francisco by its sister city Taipei in 1976; and the Stone (or Rustic) Bridge, built in 1893, and Roman Bridge. This beautiful spot rests on the lake side of Stow Lake and has a nearby waterfall.


The picnic area is at Stow Lake middle island on the east side on Stow Lake Drive, at the far end of the parking lot across from the Boathouse.

On Saturdays (April to September) and Sundays (year-round), no cars are allowed on JFK Drive; access is only from MLK Drive.

Picnic & Party Features

  • There is a 12-foot picnic table located west of the pavilion next to the lake.
  • Restrooms are located at the Stow Lake Boathouse parking lot.
  • Cheers! Beer and wine are welcome at the Chinese Pavilion picnic area, but kegs and liquor are not. Remember: carrying open alcoholic beverages outside the picnic area is never permitted.
  • Nearby waterfall and multiple hiking trails.


Street - limited availability

Reservable Picnic Areas

Yes; 1 12-foot table reservable from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Additional Park Picnic Area Information

  • Alcohol: Yes; Beer and Wine Only; No Glass/No Liquor
  • BBQ Allowed: Not Provided - Bring Your Own Gas Grill
  • Jumpers Allowed: Not Allowed
  • Restrooms: Yes - Stow Lake Parking Lot


View the Picnic Area Map page to see a map of the area.

Reservation Fees & Details

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