Special Event Application Information

The Special Event Application must be submitted at least 60 days in advance and no more than one year in advance of event date. A $80 nonrefundable fee must also be submitted to start the process of review of your application. If you submit an application but do not submit an application fee, your application will not be reviewed. Please fill out the application according to your event date:

Questions Asked on the Application

In order to make the application process as easy as possible, please have the answers to the following questions. These questions will be asked on the application:

  • Are you, the applicant, producing this event on behalf of another organization?
  • What type of event are you organizing?
  • What is the anticipated number of attendees?
  • Will the total number of people attending be more or less than 1000 attendees?
  • Will there be amplified sound?
  • Are you requesting permission to serve food or beverages?
  • Are you requesting to sell food or beverages?
  • What is your 1st and 2nd location and date choices?
  • Will the event be more than one day?
  • Are you requesting to serve or sell alcoholic beverages?
  • Are you requesting to display or sell merchandise?
  • Will you have booths or tables at your event?
  • Will your event have fences or barricades erected?
  • Will your event have any inflatables, banners, parked cars, or other promotional elements/features?
  • Will your event have portable toilets?
  • What are your details regarding setup and take down?

The Application Process

The application will be reviewed after completing the Special Event Application and paying the $80 application processing fee. Please note that completing the application and paying the $80 fee does not guarantee approval of your event. To pay the application processing fee, please call our office at 415-831-5500, press 5 for Special Events.


Permittee will forfeit 25% of facility fees for any cancellation once the invoice is issued and all facility fees for any cancellation within 30 days of the start of set up.