Stadium Rentals

Football game in the stadiumKezar Stadium, former home of the San Francisco 49ers, is a 10,000 seat multi-use stadium complete with a track that, in addition to hosting major sporting events, is used by thousands of runners and joggers. Kezar Pavilion is the city’s home for major events such as the Pro-Am Summer Basketball League, and features High School/Basketball games. Boxer Stadium is used for premier adult soccer and rugby matches.

Our stadiums include:

  • Boxer Stadium at Balboa Park
  • Kezar Pavilion (the gym)
  • Kezar Stadium (including the track)


If you’re interested in using one of our stadiums for your special event, please fill out a Stadium Application

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  1. Boxer Stadium
  2. Kezar Pavilion
  3. Kezar Stadium

Boxer Stadium Fees

Boxer Stadium EventBooking FeeHourlyTotal MinimumCaveats
Adult Soccer Leagues$150$150$6003 hour minimum
Amateur Athletic Events (Open facility)$200$150$8004 hour minimum
Amateur Athletic Events (Closed facility)$200$200$1,0004 hour minimum
Commercial/Fundraisers and International$1,000$250$3,0008 hour minimum
Film/Photo Shoot, Large$1,200$350$2,6004 hour minimum
Film/Photo Shoot, Small
$300$250N/ANo hourly minimum
Film/Photo Shoot, Student$50N/AN/AN/A
Youth Events (Open facility)$260$60$5053 hour minimum
Youth Events (Closed facility)$325$80$5003 hour minimum

Additional Fees for Boxer Stadium

Additional FeesRateComments
Basic Staff Fees Per Hour$25Required for all events
Custodian Fees Per Hour$75Varies - based on event
Groundskeeper Fees Per Hour$101Required for all closed events
Park Patrol Fees Per Hour$88Varies - based on event
 Percentage of Ticket Sales10% to 25%Varies - only to extent exceeds other costs