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Kezar Stadium


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In December 1910, a teacher from the nearby Polytechnic High School suggested creating a stadium in the natural depression where the park nursery stood. Not until much later did the idea come to fruition. The current stadium on this site, the new and much smaller capacity “Little Kezar,” was inaugurated in 1991, encompassing five acres with open-air seating for 10,000 patrons. The focal point of the field is a huge, freestanding, two-tone stucco triumphal archway to the west, with a design element similar to that of an early scheme for the original stadium. The field also features clusters of tall, freestanding, pink cast-concrete columns at the main entry on Frederick Street. 
The field, for high school and college football and for league soccer, includes an eight-lane all-weather track oval with an area for field events. It is open for public use as well.

Permits and Reservations
This facility is available for rental. Visit our Permits page for more info.
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