About the EcoCenter

ecocenter water

Site Features

  • Energy Systems— The EcoCenter produces and stores its own electrical energy via 24 solar photovoltaic panels (4.6 kilowatts) and a battery storage bank.
  • Wastewater Treatment— All water used at the EcoCenter is treated onsite. The processes involve irradiation of effluent and incorporation of a constructed wetland for further purification.
  • Rainwater Harvesting— The EcoCenter captures rainwater that falls on the roof in three 4,800 gallon tanks. These tanks supply water to the living roof and surrounding landscaping.
  • Native Plants Landscape— Only native plants are used for the living roof at the EcoCenter. Because native plants evolved over thousands to millions of years, they are adapted to our climate and soils.
  • Permeable Pavement— All pathways are made of permeable materials that permit the movement of stormwater through its surfaces into the ground below. This is important since there is no tie-in to the sewer system of the City.
  • Living Roof— Covered with native plants, the living (or green) roof absorbs rainwater, thus reducing stormwater runoff from the building that could cause erosion.
  • Sustainable Building Materials— The EcoCenter was created using an extensive array of sustainably harvested, sourced, reused, and recycled materials, as well as energy and resource efficient design features and fixtures.

The EcoCenter Advisory Committee

The EcoCenter Advisory Committee (EAC) was created to provide advice and support to EcoCenter staff to enhance EcoCenter programs, community engagement, and be ambassadors for the EcoCenter and its programs throughout the Southeast Community. The EAC consists of a minimum of 10 members/organizations. These members represent the diversity of organizations within Southeast San Francisco as well as the diverse community in this region. Individual representatives and/or organizations may represent the education, community, government, environmental, faith based and/or corporate sectors.

  • Jarae Clark, MSW Executive Director-City of Dreams
  • Jacqueline Flin, Executive Director APRI SF
  • Kurt Grimes, Program Manager APRI SF
  • Kayla Kunze, BMAGIC Community Outreach/ Program Assistance
  • Karen Pierce, Environmental Justice Program/Population Health Division
  • Dr. Hollis Pierce-Jenkins, Founder of Marie Harrison Foundation
  • Arieann Harrison, Founder of Marie Harrison Foundation
  • Annemarie Dompe, Community Advocate
  • Susie Wasserstrom, Friends of the Urban Forest
  • Angelique Thompkins, Bay.org Ecotarium Board Member and longstanding Bayview-Hunters Point community advocate