Car-Free Days in Golden Gate Park

Bicyclists and joggers on the road

Walk, Run, Pedal or Roll!

Enjoy car-free days along major portions of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park every Sunday and holiday, and on Saturdays from April through September. 

Every Sunday and on all holidays, John F Kennedy Drive (JFK) is closed from Kezar Drive to Transverse Drive. 

On Saturdays from April through September, JFK is closed to vehicle traffic from 8th Avenue to Transverse Drive.

Map showing Car-Free Days in Golden Gate Park


Main Drive was renamed John F. Kennedy Drive on April 2, 1967, the same day an experimental roadway closure let pedestrians and bicyclists have full reign over the asphalt. The pet project of Supervisor Jack Morrison became an event that continues to this day on the 1½-mile stretch between McLaren Lodge and the intersection of Transverse Drive.