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Upper Noe Dog Play Area


  1. Restrooms
This dog play area with a neighborhood feel was renovated in 2008 and renamed Joby’s Run in honor of a neighbor who was an active advocate for neighborhood dogs. Dogs can get up some speed at this flat, open play area, which features two long alleys for going after balls. Joby’s Run sits in amid a newly renovated park complex that features an updated recreation center and gym, a newly renovated children’s playground and baseball fields. On any given day the playground is crammed with strollers and toddlers and our gardeners estimate that more than 100 dogs visit this park every day.

Help Keep Our Parks Clean

  • Pick up and remove dog waste
  • Leash your dog(s) in on-leash areas
  • Do not leave your pet unattended
  • Control excessive barking and noise
  • Prevent digging/destructive behavior
  • Keep vaccinations and licenses current
  • Dog walkers welcome; Please limit the number of dogs under your care to eight

Report a Maintenance Issue
To report a maintenance or vandalism issue at this site, call 311, or click here.