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Interior Greenbelt Trail


Interior Greenbelt Trail Info (PDF)

Please note: The Historic-Stanyan trail and Edgewood trail will be closed to public from March 6-13, 2023 for safety during a tree removal procedure by UCSF. This includes the trail entrance at Stanyan and 17th streets.


The City and County of San Francisco purchased Interior Greenbelt open space for the public in the 1950's, and envisioned it as part of a collection of natural lands that would connect to one another in the heart of the city, creating a continuous greenbelt.  The Interior Greenbelt Park features the long hidden Woodland Creek, and a half mile of trail constructed during the 1880's which leads to Mount Sutro.  A newly restored historic trail links the park to Mount Sutro, which opens up a total of 72 acres of open space for the public. The Trails in this park are built on sturdy soil that climbs up a hill to join the Mount Sutro trail network. You can download a Mt. Sutro trail guide and map from Pease Press Cartography.

There are two entrances to the Interior Greenbelt park. One entrance is located at the end of Edgewood Avenue and the other is a staircase leading into the park near the intersection of Stanyan Street and 17th Avenue.  The  park can also be accessed from Medical Center Way  from Mount Sutro Open Space. Street parking is available adjacent the park. Muni Rail line N-Judah and Muni line 37 stop near the park.

Twin Peaks Park is just under a mile walking distance from the Interior Greenbelt. To continue to Twin Peaks take Johnstone Drive to Clarendon Avenue. Continue East on Clarendon Avenue  to the junction on Mountain Spring Avenue. Turn Right on to Mountain Spring Avenue and then take a right on to Twin Peaks Blvd.

  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Length (miles): 2
  • Elevation Change (feet): 800
  • Hiking Time (hours): 1.5
  • Multi-Use: Yes
  • Parking: No
  • Restrooms: No
  • Surface: Dirt
  • Trail Head(s): 17th & Stanyan, End of Edgewood
(Photos by Melissa Loesgen)