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Adam Rogers Community Garden

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In 1997, Hunters Point Family started the Healthy Lifestyles program in response to the health and environmental conditions that directly impact our children and their families in the Bayview Hunters Point community. Today, the Healthy Lifestyles program is changing community culture and helping youth to develop marketable skills by creating a healthy food supply for the Bayview Hunters Point community.Hunters Point Family is a grassroots, community-based organization that provides holistic programs supporting at-risk youth and young adults living in Bayview Hunters Point. Their mission: To prepare youth to become independent, strong, and productive adults through comprehensive support services that empower them to develop their full potential. The first HPF garden was coordinated by the late Sylvia Simmons. Mama Sylvia (as she was known in the neighborhood) was an advocate of intergenerational community gardening and the inspiration for the agency’s community stewardship model.

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