Golf Club Policies

  1. Golf Club Policies
  2. Rules of Play

Commission Resolution #0611-008

1. In order for a club to receive any privileges the club must be in good standing and recognized by
the Recreation and Park Commission. The following clubs are recognized by the Commission
and the Department:

a. the Harding Park Golf Club
b. the Harding Park Women’s Club
c. the Lincoln Park Club
d. the Lincoln Park Women’s Club
e. the Sharp Park Club

2. For events approved by the General Manager of the course or his/her designee (the “Manager”),
club members shall pay the legislated rate applicable to the individual for non-club play, plus the
highest applicable non-refundable advanced reservation fee. As of September 1, 2006 the
Advanced Reservation fee at Harding Park is $10 and the highest advance reservation fee at
Sharp Park and Lincoln Park golf courses is $1. (i.e. Individual A has a valid resident card, and
wants to play in club tournaments at Lincoln Park on Sunday, the total fee would be $25 [the
weekend resident rate plus $1], Individual B is a Northern California Resident that would like to
play in a club event at Harding Park on Sunday, the total fee would be $109 [the Northern
California Weekend Resident rate plus $10, cart inclusive]).

3. Each club shall be allocated a total of 144 rounds per month for club play.

4. Until such time as Lincoln or Sharp Park are significantly renovated (significantly renovated is
defined as at least all greens have been rebuilt), or if demand for play at either Lincoln or Sharp
Park exceeds 65,000 rounds during the previous 12 month period, the provision in Section 3.
above will be waived for the recognized clubs at Lincoln and Sharp Park. The waiver will
continue to be in effect for the recognized club(s) that are associated with a course that is not
renovated and does not experience an increase in demand. This provision may be reviewed in
January of 2008 and annually thereafter.

5. Any club formed after the date of this resolution, or not recognized by this resolution must apply
to the Commission in order to be formally recognized. The Commission has expressed a strong
desire for one club per course that is open to all members of the public, not more clubs.
However, the Commission understands that the Northern California Golf Association and the
Pacific Women’s Golf Association has historically recognized two clubs at Harding Park and
Lincoln Park golf courses. Groups of individuals seeking to form a new club are strongly
encouraged to exhaust all possible efforts to join an existing club that is formally recognized by
the Commission, and must present compelling reasons why the Commission should recognize a
new club. The desire to obtain additional club rounds is not a compelling reason.

6. In order to be recognized as a club in good standing, clubs will annually be required to perform 4
hours of volunteer work per member on the Clubs’ membership roster as determined on an
annual basis during the month of January. A roster of members’ demographic information,
including zip code and resident card numbers and expiration dates (as applicable), shall be
provided to the Department by January 31st of each year, these may be periodically updated by
the clubs.

With prior written approval from the City, in lieu of volunteer work clubs may also receive a
“dollar for dollar” credit for items purchased for the courses that the club members do not
receive a direct benefit for (i.e. purchases of tee markers or flags). Volunteer hours are valued at
$15.00 per hour, the current rate used to value volunteer hours throughout the Department.
The Department will provide clubs with a menu of volunteer activities that the clubs will be
permitted to engage in. It is incumbent upon the Department to provide sufficient volunteer
opportunities. In the absence of sufficient volunteer opportunities the clubs cannot be assessed a
monetary penalty.

7. Fees are for club event play only (16 or more players as scheduled per Section 13) and subject to
yearly review. Fees for all other play will be based on the legislated fee schedule and subject to
the normal reservation procedures.

8. Each club member shall be required to check in with the pro shop staff 20 minutes prior to their
tee time, and proceed to the first tee at least 8 minutes prior to their tee time.

9. Exception of Sharp Park Club monthly club weekend tournaments or events (the “Tournament”).
Until such time that a new card reading system is installed at Sharp Park. No less than one half-hour
prior to the scheduled Tournament, the Sharp Park Club shall present the Sharp Park
Operator with a list of all tournament participants and their tee assignments. During the
Tournament the Manager of the course shall verify the status of tournament participants (based
on the club roster provided and spot checks of Resident cards for no less than 10 players per
Tournament) and reconcile the fees for the Tournament with the designated officer of the club
upon conclusion of the Tournament.

10. Any club members found to be fraudulently using or lending resident cards shall pay the full
tournament fee for a period of one (1) year. More than one violation by the individual is grounds
for suspension from the course.

11. Clubs cannot restrict applications for membership.

12. Weekday rates do not include designated holidays.

13. Club Events shall be scheduled as follows:

• Each October 1st clubs may present their proposed schedule for the following calendar year to
the course General Manager or his/her designee (the “Manager”.)
• The Manager will confirm events that follow the approved guidelines contained herein, no
later than 180 days in advance. Prior to receiving confirmation from the Manager, events
should not be considered confirmed or advertised. Events advertised prior to 90 days are
done at the risk of the club.
• Harding Park and Sharp Park 30 days in advance of an event, Clubs shall submit to the
Manager a player count and the advance reservation fee for each round reserved (this is nonrefundable
unless the course is closed due to inclement weather). Should club play at
Lincoln Park exceed 72 players per event this provision may be revisited at Lincoln Park.
• 10 days in advance Clubs shall submit a final player count.
• Clubs will be charged for rounds reserved and not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance
(“No Shows”). No Shows shall be charged at the Senior Weekday rate. The Manager may
waive the charge for No Shows based on inclement weather.
• Failure to follow these procedures may result in a loss of club playing privileges for a
minimum of 30 days.

14. Harding Golf Course will only be available for weekend club play on Sundays. Sunday play
shall be limited to a maximum of 72 players. During Daylight Savings time only, the Harding
Park Club is allowed to play on Saturdays after 3:00 PM.

15. a. In lieu of their monthly allocation of rounds, the Harding Park Club will be allowed to host
The Club Championship (limit 256 rounds total per tournament) and the Directors Cup (limit 256
rounds total per tournament). The events shall be scheduled in April, November or December
and may not be scheduled during the same month. In lieu of their monthly allocation of rounds,
the Harding Park Women’s Club will be allowed to host their Championship in ______. These
events may be played on both weekend days. The format of the tournaments is subject to
approval of the Manager.

b. In lieu of their monthly allocation of rounds, the Sharp Park Club will be allowed to host the
following events:

1) The Director’s Cup – 144 players per day, hosted in April, one consecutive
Saturday and Sunday, plus the following Saturday.

2) Member Tournament – 144 per day, hosted in June, one consecutive
Saturday and Sunday.

3) The Club Championship – 144 players per day, hosted in August, one consecutive
Saturday and Sunday.

16. Outside of scheduled Club Events as described in Sections 13 to 14 above. Club members shall
have no special access to tee times or discount of any kind.

17. Harding Park starting times shall not be earlier than 8 AM during the week and not earlier than
9:30 AM during Standard Time (approximately 11:00 AM during daylight saving time) on the
weekends. In addition, for Harding Park club events, the last starting times shall not be later than
5-1/2 hours prior to sunset.
Event starting times at all courses are subject to approval of the course general manager.

18. Clubs shall establish an objective “first come” “first scheduled” policies for determining which
club members play in each tournament.

19. All Club members shall “strive” to meet the stated pace of play policy of 4-1/2 hours per round.

20. The following defines a club in “good standing” is defined as:

• The club has provided its membership roster as specified in Section 6.
• The club has performed the volunteer work required for the previous year.
• The club allows access to membership on a “first come, first serve” basis to all members
of the public.
• The club has established and practices an objective “first come-first schedule” policy for
determining which club members play in each tournament and when they play in the
tournament (this excludes provisions that must be made for club members who are
administering the tournament).
• The club supports the rules of golf as stated by the USGA and the rules of the course.
• During the previous year the club has substantially complied with the requirements of
Section 13 above.

21. Other reasons that a club may be considered “not in good standing”

• Illegal acts on or around the premises.
• The club engages in activities that cause significant damage to the course, facilities on the
course or surrounding park property.
• On more than one occasion the club does not play an event and does not cancel an event
in accordance with Section 13 above. The first time this occurs, the club will receive a
warning from the Department. The second time this occurs, the club may be suspended
for a month. If this occurs again, the General Manager of the Recreation and Park
Department will have the discretion to apply additional suspensions or require the club to
re-apply to the Recreation and Park Commission to be recognized.
• Failure to pay for rounds played