YSP 2014-15 Accomplishments

YSP 2014-15 AccomplishmentsThe Youth Stewardship Program (YSP) has made it through another successful school-year!

The 2014-2015 school year has been an awesome experience for this years interns. From their very first time leading a field trip to their very last, our Environmental Educators have learned and grown from their experiences; continuing the program’s educational legacy by leading the “most successful year of YSP yet”, according to Sue Ellen (2nd grade teacher at Grattan Elementary School).

This past school year, the YSP educators led a total of 161 field trips with 1,620 students, serving 60 different classes. They took students between 2nd and 12th grade to parks all throughout San Francisco; getting them better acquainted to the city’s remaining native habitats. Our Environmental Educators have passed on 5,419 hours worth of knowledge, teaching San Francisco’s youth about the city’s biodiversity and our interdependence to the natural environment. Together, the classes the program served have also completed over 4,700 hours of habitat restoration work that instill a sense of stewardship and belonging to our local parks.

On behalf of all of the Youth Stewardship Program staff, we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the teachers and students that have made the past year’s accomplishments possible.