Youth Stewardship at Heron’s Head Park

Children exploring plants on whiskey hill

In early November, the Youth Stewardship Program (YSP) led a field trip at Heron’s Head Park for Downtown High School’s Wilderness Art and Literacy Collaborative (WALC) and Longfellow Elementary School’s second grade. At the beginning of the field trip, the YSP interns taught the WALC students how to plant coffee berry and coyote brush and how to divide Red Fescue bunch grass into smaller pots. When the second graders arrived, it was heartwarming to see the WALC students walk their buddies through the two habitat restoration activities. By lunch, the students had planted eight coffee berry and coyote brush plants, despite the incredibly hard soil, and had divided Red Fescue into 200 leach tubes.  Thank you WALC and Longfellow students for all of your hard work!

-Allison Mooradian, YSP Intern