Xtreme Combat Athletics

This class focuses on the BASICS of functional forms of hand to hand combat athletics. Such as Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, & submission wrestling to name a few.  If you’re looking for a traditional martial art class then this class is NOT for you. This class is neither a wrestling club or  MMA fight club. The goal of this class is to provide every adult (young or old) who takes the class a taste of combat athletics and fitness. If you want a great workout, learn proven hand to hand techniques, don’t mind good old fashion physical exertion, hard work & some physical contact, then this class is perfect for you. Students can expect safe engaging work-outs, light sparing against resisting opponents at their own pace, and coaching dedicated to effective combat athletics & safety. This class covers the basics of all the ranges of combat sports from stand-up, clinch, & ground.


Brazilian jiu jitsu

Knee Cinch

Muay Thai – Pad Work


Mission Recreation Center

Contact: Rex Biteng