Wrapping up hazardous tree mitigation and laying out new trails

Our Trails Project contractor will be completing hazardous tree mitigation work by the end of the year.  In the coming week, stumps of Eucalyptus trees that were already removed will be recut closer to the ground and painted with AquaMaster herbicide to discourage resprouting.  This is the least toxic effective material available.  Contractor will be on site while the treatment dries.

Application will take place on Euc stumps along the trail between the Bosworth entry and Silver Tree, as well as on the stumps of two trees that were removed from the eastern slope of the Canyon. Notices of pesticide application will be posted on site today (Friday, December 20).

The contractor will also be cutting the secondary trunk of the Monterey Cypress “Ticket Tree” closer to grade but will maintain the main trunk above the area through which “tickets” are passed per community request.

Soon after the New Year our Contractor will be removing the old asphalt ditch on the eastern slope of the Canyon and replacing it with a vegetative swale.  Our team also met earlier this week to lay out alignment of new trails to be completed in 2014.