Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Project Update

– Arts Commission’s Arts Enrichment Program:  a panelist selected an artist on 3/8/2017.  The Arts Commission staff will present the panel’s results to the Arts Commission for review and approval, and then the team will work with the artist to develop an installation concept. A big change here – the staff had originally wanted to work with the fence along Hang Ah Alley, but have now decided to work on a mural inside the clubhouse.

– Design team is moving forward quickly with their plans. They are working towards a mid-March deadline so we can have another cost estimate completed and make sure we’re on track with our budget.

– April will be a big month – once we confirm that we’re on budget, we’ll be taking the drawings through our various regulatory reviews: Arts Commission Civic Design, Rec and Park Maintenance Reviews, ADA reviews, PUC stormwater.