What’s new at the Glen Rec Center?

Despite recent rain, the Glen Canyon Recreation Center is still on track for a spring opening. Both the interior and exterior are beginning to take on their finished appearances. The final coat of stucco (a sandy brown color) is currently being applied over a darker base coat on the building exterior. Inside, fir siding is being installed throughout the gymnasium where new bleachers are also under construction.

IMG 0561

New fir siding in the gymnasium, which will receive a final clear stain coating.

IMG 0560

The new bleachers under construction.

IMG 0568

The base coat of stucco being applied on a sunny day last week.

Along Elk Street, a new backflow preventer has been installed by the drop-off. This device is part of the new water meter and water line for the Rec Center. Nearby, the community bulletin sign has also been repaired and features new plexiglass with an anti-graffiti coating, new metal letters, and a refinished cow. The sign at the Bosworth entrance also received new coated plexiglass.

Heading into the spring, the remaining work will focus on final finishes, such as painting, cabinetry, and floors, as well as the new landscape around the building. Stay tuned!