Welcome to our new Mission Dolores Park website! I recognize that it’s pretty modest at the moment, but over the next several months we’ll be building this into a resource for everything related to the improvements at Dolores Park. For now, have a look at the photos and the map, and feel free to send me questions. We’ll be compiling and posting questions in the FAQ.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention that RPD is not planning to close the park for two years. We do have a 21-month construction schedule for the completion of all improvements. We intend to close areas of the park as needed for construction. Part of the reason the schedule appears to be so long is that the clubhouse/restroom building renovation will take longer than the general landscape/park improvements. As we develop the improvement plan with the community, we will be able to fully articulate the phased closure and improvement plan.

Over the next couple of months I plan to meet with local groups, visit the park frequently, and get up to speed while we assemble our design team and develop our overall plan for the project. We plan to have our first community meeting some time in early July.

Next week, on Saturday May 1, I’ll be in the park for Dolores Park Work’s 72 Degrees, (http://www.doloresparkworks.org/2010/04/72-degrees-the-dolores-park-summer-warm-up/), their event to welcome summer to the park! Come on out!

We’re looking forward to a great 2010 for Dolores Park!