Welcome to the Restroom Repair & Renovation Program News

The Restroom Repair and Replacement program funds the construction, repair, and renovation of restroom facilities. Many of the city park’s restrooms are old, need repair and are poorly designed for maintenance and proper supervision. Following the passage of the 2008 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Park Bond, the Recreation & Parks Commission appointed a Restroom Taskforce to work with staff and the community to develop recommendations for which restrooms should be renovated, replaced or added under the $11.4 million program. In 2009 the Taskforce issued its report which identified 21 park sites to received funding to either renovate or replace their aging freestanding restrooms. An additional 8 sites were identified as needing new restrooms. Funding for those sites will be made available if there is a balance of funds in the program after the initial 21 are completed.

The program is broken down into 4 site-groups, each group consisting of 3 to 4 project sites. Projects in Group 4, which includes Alamo Square, Angelo Rossi Playground, Washington Square, and Buena Vista Park, were initiated in early 2012 and are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2012