Hellen Diller Playground Renovation News

A few notes to start…

1. What has been done so far

In November 2008, Mission Dolores Park was identified as a priority site for funding under the 2008 Clean and Safety Neighborhood Park Bond.  Also that year, the Friends of Dolores Park Playground (FDPP), a volunteer community organization, joined forces with the Mercer Foundation and hired the firm of Koch Landscape Architecture to develop a conceptual plan for the project, and entered into an agreement with the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) to act as their fiscal agent

In April 2009 the Recreation and Park Commission approved a Memorandum of Understanding between RPD and NPC, acting on behalf of the Friends of Dolores Park Playground, which establishes the framework for the joint planning, funding and construction of the playground at Mission Dolores Park. The general terms of the agreement include contributions of bond and other City funding by RPD, and a gift of services/materials/funds from FDPP.  In recognition of the girt, the renovated playground will be renamed the “Helen Diller Playground”.

The scope of this project includes: demolition of the existing children’s play area and adjacent asphalt picnic area; construction of a new, highly customized children’s play area; a new access driveway and accessible parking space; and a new storm water collection system, irrigation and lighting within the play area.  Three community meetings were held to present the project plan and collect feedback from park stakeholders [4/4/08, 6/26/08, and 5/14/09].  The Recreation and Park Commission approved the conceptual plan for the project in June 2009.

2. Where are we now

In February 2011 RPD advertised the project and is currently reviewing the bids submitted within the budgeted funds of $2.5M.  The target to begin construction is late May and complete construction in December 2011.