Washington Square Construction Update

We are in the third week of construction on the Washington Square project. Azul Works has been making great progress and tree protection fencing was installed during the first week to define the areas where hand excavation is required. In the photo below you can see the team hand digging and working carefully around the olive and sycamore trees, under the direction of the on-site arborist, to start installation of the drainage pipe. The arborist also directed the team to bring in a large stock pile of mulch to use to protect tree roots.The green benches were taken out and are standing by to be refurbished or replaced. Installation of the drainage pipe will continue next week and starting the week of July 15 they will be removing the tree that are part of this current improvement project which was also identified in the June 2017 assessment a needing to be replaced.

IMG 0035 IMG 0037IMG 0030

More updates to come…