Visitacion Ave Fire Road Improvements Have Begun at McLaren Park

View of Visitacion Fire Road Site from Visitacion Ave, looking west

Improvements to the Visitacion Ave Fire Road entry have begun as part of our McLaren Park Trail Connector/ Trail Entryway Improvement Project. This project includes 3 distinct sites within McLaren Park. Work on the other 2 sites began back in late April; however, we could not complete hazardous tree mitigation at the Visitacion Ave Fire Road site until just recently because a family of song birds was nesting in one of the trees.  We worked closely with an independent biological consultant to actively monitor the activity of the bush tits (name of the particular songbird) and held off on any work at this site to avoid disturbance. Once we got final confirmation that the birds had hatched, been reared, and all had left the nest, we arranged to have the contractor begin work.  Now that 2 trees have been removed and 2 trees pruned, the contractor has begun to “clear and grub” the area around the entry; removing weeds, dead wood and debris that’s been dumped on site in preparation for a repaved fire road and entryway planting.