Update on Glen Canyon Park Renovation, Notices of Tree Removals and New Tree Planting Information

As part of the upcoming Park Renovation Project, today a number of trees around the lower portion of Glen Canyon Park were posted with notices that the tree will be removed as part of the renovation.

As a reminder, this project, which came out of a two year community planning process and design workshops, will include a new larger children’s play area (almost double in size of the existing one), new tennis courts, improved park pathways and ADA access, an improved Elk Street entry and drop off zone, a new accessible restroom (which can be open when the Rec Center is closed), new landscaping –including 163 new trees, and new heating in the Rec Center.

As part of the Glen Canyon Park renovation (and all park renovation projects) an independent arborist assessed the health of the trees in the park and found many to be in poor and/or hazardous condition. The trees will be re-planted following forestry management practices, including new irrigation allowing us to grow new trees and sustain this part of the urban forest.

A small number of the removals are due to the park design. However the vast majority will address public safety and tree health. 163 new trees are being replanted – well over double the number of trees that are being removed.

Some of the new tree species being planted include: Madrone, Coast Live Oak, Dogwood, Evergreen Elm, Islais Cherry, and Cottonwood. Trees will not be removed during bird nesting or breeding season.

Trees will not be removed until after the start of construction, which is currently scheduled to begin in mid-October.

If you have any questions on this or would like additional information, please contact Karen Mauney-Brodek, at 575-5601.

Thank you for your time and attention to this project.