Update on Glen Canyon Park Playground/Tennis Court Renovation

Hi folks,

I wanted to provide you all an update on the project’s progress.  Things are going relatively well, and the work is well underway.  As you might notice, the contractor has been installing form work and rebar for the new playground area and the tennis courts and is starting to install concrete.

As often happens, we have encountered some complications.  We found some of the site’s sewer lines to be full of debris, requiring some additional work.  Additionally, we determined that we needed to install a new water line, which had not been anticipated.

We have been working diligently to complete the new heating system in the recreation center and hoping to reopen the building prior to the overall project’s scheduled completion date of November 4th.  However, it has become clear that we cannot open the recreation center until the new water line is installed.  Moreover, due to the additional work, we may have a delay in the completion of the project.  We are determining how long that delay might be.  At this time, we are still pushing to complete the project by November 4th, and we may still be able to reopen the recreation center prior to the completion of the overall project.  I hope to have an updated completion date shortly.

In the next few weeks, you will start to see some limited work done a bit north of the fenced off area, around the Bosworth Entrance (to replace the swing gate, etc.) and along a portion of the connection to the road north of the recreation center where it connects to Alms Road (and the route to Silver Tree) for erosion control and stabilization of that area.  As reviewed in previous meetings, and as shown in the materials on the project’s webpage, this work includes the removal and pruning of select trees in that area.   These trees were included in the overall tree removal and replanting plans posted on the webpage and in public presentations last fall and this spring.

During all of this work we will work to maintain access to all areas as much as possible, and post signs to let folks know where alternate entrances are available, if needed.

Please use this link to find out more info on the project if you have additional questions!


If you have further questions, please contact me at Karen.Mauney-Brodek@sfgov.org or call me at 415-575-5601.