UPDATE ON CONSTRUCTION: MOVING FORWARD: Retaining wall work, tennis court foundation work in progress

Hi folks,

We continue to make progress on construction.  After the installation of the new retaining walls grading and some soil removal, the contractor has started welding and rebar work.  This will be in progress all next week.  Soon new foundation work for the new tennis courts and additional concrete work on the retaining walls will start.

The contractor has also been work inside the recreation center including completing the new heating system.   We hope to be done with all of the work so the rec center later this summer so that it can open before the exterior park work.

The entire project is scheduled to be complete in November and we are working hard to meet that goal so we can open the new playground and tennis courts at that time.

If you have futher questions, please contact me at Karen.Mauney-Brodek@sfgov.org