UPDATE – Noe Courts Park Improvements

In 2011, the Friends of Noe Courts obtained a Community Opportunity Fund grant in the amount of $211,000 for general park improvements for lawn drainage and walkway improvements, terraced seating, site furnishings and landscaping. Concurrently under the Restroom Program of the 2008 Parks Bond, the Noe Courts Park restroom building is slated for improvements, including a wheelchair-accessible ramp to the playground. To coordinate these two funded projects and future unfunded ones, the Recreation and Park Department presented a park improvement plan that was approved by the Recreation and Park Commission in May 2014 with the condition that the improvement plan be constructed in its entirety (i.e., not in phases) contingent upon the award of additional Community Opportunity Funding in fall 2014. And should the Community Opportunity Fund not come through, then the project would be subject to Commission review again.

The improvement plan did not receive additional Community Opportunity Fund in fall 2014. Nor is the Friends of Noe Courts seeking additional funding to implement the entirety of the master plan at this time.

In light of these recent events, the Recreation and Park Commission approved to proceed with the implementation of the Community Opportunity Fund project awarded in 2011. This project gained community-wide support and would benefit all park users. The existing playground and basketball and tennis courts would remain as is. Elements of the proposed project include:

  • New drainage and irrigation modifications in the lawn area;
  • Lawn terraces to adjust slope grades;
  • Two new picnic tables;
  • Three new wooden benches;
  • New drinking fountain with bottle filler;
  • Selective tree removal;
  • New lawn sod;
  • 24th Street entrance and plaza paving; and
  • Landscape refurbishment in the vicinity of the 24th Street entrance.

As part of the Restroom Program of the 2008 Parks Bond, the restroom building at Noe Courts Park will undergo renovation after Labor Day and completed by Thanksgiving 2015. Related to this work is the need to provide wheelchair access from the children’s playground with a code-complying ramp. Design of the 2011 Community Opportunity Fund project would integrate with this new wheelchair-accessible ramp.

For more information, please contact Project Manager Marvin Yee at Marvin.Yee@sfgov.org or (415)581-2541.

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