Update, Next Steps on the Glen Canyon Rec Center Project: Rec Park Commission Review and Continued Work on Design

Hi Everyone –

Thanks so much to those of you who were able to attend or otherwise provide feedback on the materials presented at the community meetings we held on the Renovation of Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center on June 13th and July 13th and the Open House/Update Meeting on November 20th at the Glen Park Library.

I have been thrilled with the thoughtful feedback we have received, with lots of people attending the meetings, emailing, following the blog, calling or using our feedback forms to provide their experience and suggestions.

All information presented and feedback forms are available here: https://sfrecpark.org/project/glen-canyon-park-2012-bond/

Next Steps:

As the overall concept design (floor plan, building program and major spaces)have been confirmed in our community process, I will be presenting the project and the results of our community process to the Rec Park Commission’s Capital Committee on December 4th for their feedback and review.  The Capital Committee will meet in City Hall, Room 416 at 2:00 p.m. Please see the below link or call me if you have questions or would like more information. https://sfrecpark.org/about/recreation-park-commission/.  Next the project may be reviewed by the full Commission on December 19th at 10am.

Additionally, as we discussed in the meetings we will spend the next several months refining the design and the including materials for the exterior additions through the civic design commission’s progress. We hope to attend the Civic Design Commission’s meeting in December.  For more info on this process, http://www.sfartscommission.org/CDR/home/index.html  or call me, and I will try to answer any questions you have or refer you to someone who can.  I will update the blog when this is finalized.

Additionally, over the next several months, we will work with the various required reviews,  such as the Building Department and others, make sure that the new design meets all of the required codes and energy requirements.

I know this can seem like a long process, but we will get there!  The plan is to finish the detailed design in 2014 and bid and award the contract at the end of 2014 in order to start construction in Spring 2015!

I know this is a a lot of information, so please call if you have any questions or additional feedback.  Here is how you reach me:

Karen Mauney-Brodek (575-5601 or karen.mauney-brodek@sfgov.org)

Thanks a lot for your time and attention to the Glen Canyon project!