UPDATE – Gilman Playground Renovation

The children’s play area at Gilman Playground is a project of the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. The Gilman Playground Renovation Project includes the renovation the children’s play area, modification of the clubhouse restroom for exterior wheelchair accessibility, site wheelchair accessibility, and related amenities.

Public outreach on the Project was extensive that included:

  • 3 community meetings;
  • Surveys at 2 community events: RecConnect End of Summer BBQ and the Kid’s of Cali Family Day at MLK Playground;
  • Public notices mailed to over 1300 addresses, and posted at Gilman Playground and at Bret Harte Elementary School;
  • An announcement made at a residents’ association monthly meeting for the nearby Alice Griffith Housing Complex; and
  • Blog and website updates.

Representatives from the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC), Bayview Hills Neighborhood Association, and Parks94124 participated in the community meetings. The Recreation and Park Department concluded its community planning process at a 2/18/14 community meeting.

Attached is the community-supported concept plan, which replaces the play equipment within the same general area. The new play equipment will encourage graduated play through the linking of composite structures with a net climber. Numerous swings and independent events (zip line, net spinner, and independent spinners) offer a variety of play opportunities. The underlying rubber surface depicts a shoreline setting in reference to the park’s former proximity to the bay. New trees will provide much-needed shade. A separate tot area with imaginary play panels will be set up at a nearby lawn picnic area.

Lastly, a wooden arbor with picnic tables will be replaced, lighting upgraded, existing pathways repaved for wheelchair access, and clubhouse restrooms modified for exterior access.

The Recreation and Park Department appreciates your participation in developing a community-driven Final Concept Plan – Gilman. This concept plan is subject to Recreation and Park Commission approval on March 13, 2014. For more information, please contact Marvin Yee, Project Manager, at Marvin.Yee@sfgov.org.