UPDATE – Alta Plaza Park Water Conservation Project

Dear Alta Plaza Park Neighbors:

The Recreation and Park Dept. (RPD) would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the status of improvements for Alta Plaza Park:

* RPD posted the south side of Alta Plaza Park for weed-wick, herbicide application in its heightened effort to eradicate the weed infestation.

* An article in the April issue of the San Francisco Magazine mentions the existence of natural springs in Alta Plaza Park. Click here to read the article. RPD is following up with the sources cited in the article for more information.

* Water appears to be seeping from underneath the sidewalk at Scott/Washington and at Clay/Steiner. The project team is planning to uncover sidewalk flags to investigate.

* Percolation testing along the park perimeter is on-going. These areas will be covered and marked with safety cones for public safety.

* RPD in coordination with Supervisor Farrell’s office has submitted a budget request to repave the Scott St. entrance and to install a French drain to address the water seepage.

* Work orders have been submitted for additional park pathway repair work.

* RPD is meeting with representatives of the Friends of Alta Plaza Park in mid-April to discuss the next steps for the latest planting plan for water conservation. The PowerPoint slides shown at the last community meeting may be found at this link.

The Recreation and Park Department appreciates your patience and understanding. For more information, please contact Marvin Yee, Project Manager, at Marvin.Yee@sfgov.org.