Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Promenade Updates

Barrier moving

Here are a few updates regarding the Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign / Promenade Project:

Rec and Park, in partnership with SFMTA, is supporting the SF Police Department to move the concrete barriers between the two peaks with the goal of reducing the incidence of auto break-in’s. The barriers were moved on Monday, November 4 and will remain in their new position for 6 weeks. The Police Department will be comparing crime levels before, during and after this change.This change will temporarily eliminate parking between the peaks. Parking remains available at Christmas Tree Point as well as in a few other pullout areas. Please do not park on Rec and Park parkland as we do not want the federally endangered Mission Blue Butterfly to be affected. Thank you for your understanding of and support for this trial.

The project team is working to identify funding to transform the closed portion of Twin Peaks Boulevard to a pedestrian and bicycle promenade as well as to improve a few segments of trails on Twin Peaks that were not improved with the first phase project due to funding constraints. We are also working to best align the transfer of jurisdiction of the property to Rec and Park with realizing the project. Rec and Park staff are currently starting to develop the program for a 2020 park bond and will have more information over the coming months. Opportunities for additional funding through grants are also being pursued. We’ll keep you updated as planning for the bond moves through the community engagement process.

Please note the point person from Rec and Park moving forward, working on the above items, will be the following:

Chris Townes
Senior Planner, Planning Division
San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
Tel: (415) 575-5602   Email:

The project page of the Rec and Park website has background info on the project and will continue to be updated as we move forward: