Turk & Hyde Mini Park – Construction Updates

Hello Community:

Construction is in “full swing” at the park. Within the next month, much construction activity will be occurring, particularly concrete walls, paving, and the boulder terrace, so you’ll start to see the park really take shape! Here are some photos highlights of the construction process thus far:


Steel bracing to protect trees to remain. The existing street trees were crucial to retain. We worked with Public Works Arborists to devise a method to keep the curb against the existing mature trees and protect the trees. The black material is geotextile fabric overlaid on the roots that is kept moist during the hot weather.


Sub-grade concrete curbs are formed and poured. The curb in the foreground is the edge for the “stage” and the one in the background will be the base for the boulder terrace.


A boulder terrace “mockup” – a small section of the overall terrace that is built off site for review and approval of the project team. Each stone will be pre-cut then numbered and delivered to the site for final assembly.


Existing perimeter curb wall demolished with protected trees.


Trees have recently been pruned by Public Works to ensure their continued health.


The new perimeter curb wall has been formed for concrete. The black posts are the new fence posts.