Turf renovations in progress

Seasonal turf renovations are being carried out by park operations staff this week at Dolores Park. The north field was top dressed with 10 truckloads of soil imported from the end zones of Candlestick Park. The main goal of this project is to re-grade uneven areas and restore damaged areas of turf on the field. The recycled soil from Candlestick  brings vegetative turf propagules that will sprout and help restore the field. The recycled soil will also, no doubt, bring pieces of  the 49’ers spirit to Dolores Park. The project is being spearheaded by RPD’s citywide turf crew with the assistance of the Dolores Park gardeners. The field will have some bare soil areas at first, but the turf will quickly regenerate and recover.

In addition to the north field project, selected eroded and bare areas throughout the park will be re-sodded.

As a final note, we have brought back a reduced number of porta potties that will remain in place in the park for the winter season.