The New Trees Have Arrived at South Park!

The new trees are here!south-park-trees_have arrived

The nursery delivered them ahead of schedule so in order not to have them travel back, they placed the trees temporarily between cars along the park perimeter. We apologize for the inconvenience until we safely transport them into the park.

south-park-trees are here



The next posting will have more details.




SFMTA posted safety and access sidewalk improvements proposed as part of the South Park Renovation by the community. Click here for the site plans.

As you recall, there was no safe way to enter South Park from 2nd or 3rd Streets and the changes are a direct result of improving ADA access into the park.

The improvements will shift some parking and remove several spaces at the end of the park, however, there will be some additional linear feet restore to the perimeter parking area too.

Please call RPD project manager if you have any questions.

SFMTA public hearing is Friday, September 30, 2016 10AM at City Hall.